3 dead easy ways to get extra traffic – number one

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It’s all about those eyeballs

Every internet marketer and blog owner loves traffic. For the internet marketer more traffic can mean more revenue. For the hobby blog owner it means a bigger ego! In either case more traffic is always welcome.

Here are three easy ways to get extra traffic.

First one: – give away something for free

The value of this small exercise can never be underestimated. Have something free available to download. For the receiver of this free gift it’s a warm fussy feeling of getting something without having to pay for it.

Often it is purely the idea of receiving a gift that is important. Many free reports get filed away never to be actually read. So it’s not even the content that is the important part of the transaction. It is the idea of a gift that attracts people. In many instances there are no expectations that the gift will be any good. Which is why eBooks aren’t even opened.

However, having said that, it isn’t advisable to send out a free gift that is total rubbish. You will have some opening it and you don’t want people to write bad reports. In fact what you would like is for the gift to go viral. That is, it is passed on by your readers to others without you having to ask or the reader receiving any reward for his effort.

How do you decide what’s a good give-away?

How do you make up something for free? The easiest and quickest way is to collect some of your good articles and compile them into a collection of essays. How do you know which are the best? See which ones have the highest readership numbers. It’s not what you think that counts, it’s your statistics that are important here.

If you don’t think your content is suitable then write something that could be of interest to readers. See what people are searching for using the Google Zeitgeist Tool, Google Trends and the Google Current Video. Or check which one of your popular articles could be extended into something bigger and better.

If all of that doesn’t appeal then see what is available online that you are allowed to give away for free. There are many topics where free eBooks and reports are there for you to use. In some instances you might end up paying a few dollars for them. They are generally labeled PLR items. The PLR stands for private label rights.

It doesn’t have to be an eBook

Besides eBooks there are other free gift options available to you. If you run a photography blog, then give away some images. If you offer online courses or webinars then select a few that could be suitable as free gifts.

Depending on the field your internet marketing business operates in or your interests for your private blog will determine what you have available to give away. But do so. It is worth the effort.