3 Great ways to maximise the articles you buy from an Article Writing Service

Most people who subscribe to an Article Writing Service will use their articles on a blog. They cut and paste them into whichever blog they think the content might be useful for. There are so many more ways to make use of these articles and here are three good ones.

Your very first step is to spend a few minutes changing them to make them your own. Remember that the only reason you are getting these articles at such a low price, and subscriptions are generally really low to these services, is because they are being sold to many other bloggers and internet marketers.

Make use of your keywords to change the title, the first paragraph and the last. Then see if there is an example in the article explaining the point being made. If yes, then change it to a different example. If not insert an example.

Once you have tweaked your articles to make them your own then you have many possible uses for them.

1) Use your articles to post comments on blogs and forums.This is a clever way to get additional use out of your articles. You should in any case keep an eye on competitors and bloggers writing on your niche. Sign up to RSS feeds to the relevant blogs and see what articles are being written where you could cut and paste your article or part of your article as a comment.

Keeping up to date on commenting on other blogs can be a very time consuming task. But it is certainly worth doing if you can speed up the process by using content you already have. Leaving comments on blogs will increase your profile online and will help to establish you as an expert in your niche.

The same applies to leaving comments on forums. You might also be able to post your entire article on a forum. Some forums allow this. However, do make sure as with all activities on the internet to create a long-term presence. Posting one comment to a blog or forum will not do much for your reputation.

2) Use your articles to create a Squidoo page also known as a lens. It’s like having another blog except without the cost of setting up a domain and paying for hosting. The advantage of your Squidoo page is that you can add interactive features, affiliate links and the offer of free products to drive traffic back to your own site. It also provides you with further pagerank love as Squidoo has a high pagerank of 7.

3) Submit your article to How to do sites. Many of these sites have high pagerank. It’s a great way to link back to your site and gain a backlink from a high ranking site. In most cases you will need to re-write the content of your article to slant it towards a How to format.

These sites are very well visited and you will be able to benefit from the link back to your site or product sales page. It will also provide some benefits to you if you are an affiliate marketer.

These are just three different ways to make the most of the articles you get from your Article Writing Service.