A special Welcome to our Article Writing Service

Welcome to the launch of our Article Writing Service. And it’s for you the Internet Marketer who wants to get their life back again, free from constant article writing.

We are absolutely thrilled to present to you our new Article Writing Service. We’ve prepared a wonderful selection of articles on two niches:-  Web Marketing Strategy and Success and you are invited to sample them!

Of course it wouldn’t be a launch if we didn’t offer some great deals too for the first lucky subscribers. But more of that much later on!

What we would like to invite you to do first of all is to try out our articles for free so that you can see for yourself what great content it is.

But let’s just go back a step. Why would you want to use an Article Writing Service at all?

For those who want an answer to that question, read my story:

I’m Andrew Rondeau and I want to share with you my life altering experience and I want you to have the same awesome benefits that I discovered. It just wouldn’t be fair to keep this to myself.

During the three years I have been an internet marketer the task that made me dread getting up in the morning, the one that instilled panic in my heart, the chore that hovered like a black cloud over my head every day was that I HAD to write new articles every day for my blogs.

Every day I sat for hours wondering what I should write and hoped that my articles were going to be good enough. Would Google find my keywords? Would people like them and visit my site? Would they like me so much that they’d sign up to my lists? Would it give me more TRAFFIC?

Do you see yourself here?

No more. You too can lift that weight off your shoulders. Focus your time on the real issues that need work on like MAKING MONEY.

What if you could have access to really excellent articles that:

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  • gets you higher in the search engines
  • gives you natural Search Engine Optimisation which is the best kind
  • freed up your time to spend on writing your own eBook
  • gave you time to spend on marketing products rather than writing

You could actually spend your valuable time on making real money.

But you don’t need to take my word for it because you can try this out right now. And it’s free to try.

Fill in your details right now to receive your daily article by e-mail. It will be ready for you to copy and paste into your blog. A few easy seconds of your time rather than hours of headaches and writer’s block to overcome.

Important: Do follow the instructions on your daily e-mail to access your free article. You’ll also find some extra tips and tricks on what other ways to use these articles. And remember to enter andrew@thedigitalarchives.com into your “allow folder” so this valuable information doesn’t drop into the black hole of the spam world.

Yours in easy article writing,

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