Article marketing is hugely valuable to your online business

How do you get attention to your site? By putting up new content for visitors to look at. What content is available to the internet marketer and what form can it take? Article writing, video, podcast , presentations and photographic images are some of the tools available to create interesting content.

Out of the list above, the easiest and quickest tool to use is article writing. If you are not able to write articles, for whatever reason, use a good article marketing service such as The Digital Archives offers here.

Whether you write your own, or use an article writing service the buzz on the internet right now is all about using articles as part of your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy and getting links back to your site.

There are a few steps to follow. One is of course getting your article compiled. Best to have an article length of between 450 – 750 words. Don’t forget to include your relevant keywords in some form or other. That means either inserting them into your title or body of the article or even both.

Submit your completed articles to as many article directories available. these may be ones with a broad selection of topics or those that might be delivering content just for a particular niche.

If you are submitting to a niche make sure that your article is on topic. You don’t want to waste time submitting an article and it’s not accepted because the article has nothing to do with the article directory’s niche.

This means that you would not submit an article on a motor car or aspects of a motor engine to an article directory just offering articles on women’s fashion or beauty topics.

Besides being on topic do ensure that your article does not focus too intensely on promoting yourself or your business. Article directories will be quite ruthless in striking your article off and will not even allow you to argue the point. So don’t set yourself up for failure and in particular don’t waste time trying to persuade the directory’s moderator otherwise.

Finally out of all of the points to remember with article marketing, do not forget to insert your link to your site wherever you are allowed to. This might be in the final paragraph of your article or in a separate resource box or bio.

There are some marketers who actually do forget to submit their links. It certainly makes their article marketing less effective, to say the least and ads absolutely no value to their SEO effort.