The foundation to successful internet marketing is Article Writing

As much as article writing is the foundation to most of the internet marketing methods the articles don’t have to be written by the marketer. There are some good article writing services that provide well written articles.

What is more important is that some basic principles are adhered to in order to get the maximum benefits out of the articles.  Keywords, anchor text, calls to action, resource box information and links are part of the process.

Once you the marketer learn how to put a successful article marketing campaign together you will have a successful campaign for internet marketing that will do some very powerful things for you.

It will help you establish yourself as an authority figure on the niche that your website focuses on, by providing valuable, useful, informational and easy to read content on the right subjects.

By using the right keywords and implementing information that readers will actually be interested in, people will begin to trust your word as an authority on your niche, which can do excellent things for the traffic that your website generates.

Good articles will provide you with the vehicle to optimize for the right keywords and key phrases.. By using the right keywords and anchor texts in your article, you can implement natural search engine optimisation techniques that will link back to your own website for an increase in search engine optimisation.

It will allow you to build powerful one-way links from popular article submission websites, guaranteeing you a better chance of seeing action from search engines like Google and Yahoo.

One way links are the most powerful, especially when they are coming directly from popular sources like article submission sites with a 6 page rank, which is one of the higher page ranks that a website can obtain.

Article marketing will create new avenues for potential visitors to find you, because your submission articles will appear not only in the submission sites where you add them, but numerous other websites throughout the internet.

Use articles for a powerful marketing campaign that will allow you to submit valuable articles online to increase traffic to your website which in turn will bring about more opt-ins, generate AdSense revenue, affiliate product revenue or even sell your own products.