Use PLR articles as your autoresponder

Are you blogging to get more visitors?

Do you offer your visitors a free giveaway via some-sort of opt-in?

Do you then build rapport?

Most Internet Marketers do because we have heard it time and time again…”the money is in the list”.

Build a subscriber list, build rapport and a good percentage of them will buy your recommendations. That’s how it works isn’t it?

But a lot of Internet Marketers only blog and give something away…they don’t do the follow-up, the building of rapport.

Why not?

It could be cost…to automate the connections you need a decent autoresponder like Aweber and that comes with a monthly fee.

Others don’t believe autoresponders work.

But one of the easiest ways to build rapport is to set up an autoresponder.

You could actually automate over a years worth of emails providing extra advice, more content and product offers. Get that set-up, once and then forget about it.

That gives you time to concentrate on building even more traffic and opt-ins.

I would recommend as least 2 ‘advice’ type emails per one ‘offer’ type email. You could do that each week. So if you had a years worth set-up, that’s 52 times you may get a sale from each of your opt-ins.

You may wish to issue some other ad-hoc emails as well…on the latest advice or offers but the vast majority can be set-up automatically.

Remember you already have your blog and opt-in in place, now it’s just an autoresponder with someone like Aweber.

Now with The Digital Archives you don’t even have to create the content yourself. Just use the content from their Article Writing Service.

For instance, you get 20 brand new articles each month plus you receive specially written tips relating to the article content which you can use to create your autoresponders. And you receive a weekly memo, which you could add to and create a weekly newsletter.

Put this into your autoresponder and bam…your customers receive great advice…you’re building a relationship…you add a few offers now and then…some will buy…you make some income.

So let’s say you had 1000 in your opt-in list and each week issued an offer…say an affiliated product that gives you 50% commission and the product is selling for $50. So, for every sale you receive $25.

How many of the 1000 are going to buy?

Let’s say 5 (0.5% conversion – that’s a very low conversion rate), you make $125.

If you were successful and hit the normal conversion rate of 2%, that’s $500 (20 x $25), every week!

That’s pretty good considering how much you paid for all the article, tips and memo content.

A couple of other points of note.

The content and advice you pass on to your customers must be of a high quality, otherwise they will press that ‘unsubscribe’ button. And that means you’ve lost a potential buying customer. Don’t get me wrong you always get individuals unsubscribing no matter how great the quality of stuff you send them, but don’t make it worse by providing rubbish.

A professional writer writes the content for our Article Writing Service so you can be assured it is of the highest quality.

So if you want o make your life just a little easier and ensure you are focusing on building your visitors and opt-ins…use the articles, tips and memos from our Article Writing Service.